We can set you up with a beautiful home theater system. Our experienced installers don't just stop at electronics. They are also experienced contractors and can help you bring your entertainment center to the next level by making sure all cables are behind the scenes, and that the finishing touches complement your home or business seamlessly.

Ever want a high end custom computer but don't know where to start? We specialize in custom built computers to. We can help you build a computer case that is flashy or elegant according to your taste, with high quality hand picked components that you will be able to enjoy and show off to your friends for years. If you are looking for something really special, we also build custom computer cases from scratch with an artistic flair that is sure to dazzle your situation.

If you find your existing computer system or laptop is getting a bit slow, just call us for a free quote. We can determine if a hardware upgrade will solve the issue. This is usually much more cost efficient than completely replacing all that old hardware. And we always recycle all garbage components through bio friendly means. You can learn more about our electronics recycling program here.

There are many benefits to having your own private servers for work or personal use. Even remote hosted servers need to be configured and set up to run securely and efficiently. Whether your needs are for hardware or software installation we are here to help.

Our professional technicians can help you organize all those tangled cables. From wiring buildings with Cat5 to organizing your current home, office or data center, our techs will make that tangled mess into an appealing conduit of organization.

Renovating your office? We can handle full procurement of all your technology supplies. Our professional technicians will set up all your work stations integrated with your current systems, carry over data transfers, handing any additional cabling and more.

We are also one of the first companies to break into the cryptocurrency scene. With our years of experience we can handle the set up of new crypto mining farms and investment operations. We can source all the necessary hardware for you and train you and your staff how to use it efficiently to generate the maximum amount of profits.

Small data centers are becoming more and more commonplace. If you are an individual or company looking to start a business in the world of IT we can help you by setting up and helping you maintain your data center project. If you wish to outsource this we are affiliated with our own data centers that we can use to help host your app, website or cloud platform.

Security is not something that can be overlooked in this day and age. We have a comprehensive team dedicated to securing your digital assets. Whether it is software security and regulating your employee's, or setting up CCTV camera's we are equipped to make sure your facility is protected.

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