Get Proven Results And Exposure For Your Brand In Todays Digital Age

Display Ads

Display ads are highly targetable ads that appear in banners across websites that your target demographic uses. They are highly visual and customizable to deliver your message using eye catching designs. They are one of the most cost effective ad methods.
Comprehensive Targeting Options
Highly Cost Effective
Lower Conversion But Excellent For Awareness

Location Ads

Location ads use powerful GPS technology to target potential customers based on their physical location. The ads can be distributed by search, social or video to reach your target audience any time.
Combines Display Ads With Search, Social, Video
Retargeting Available
Made For Conversions

Native Content Ads

Content ads establish your business as an expert and leader in your field. Our team will create engaging content in the form of blog posts, articles and lists complete with pictures to create engaging content that will keep your customers interested in your products and services without looking like obvious advertising.
Boost Existing Website SEO
Attract New Customers With Credibility

Mobile Ads

Mobile ads can be delivered using previous methods but can also include SMS message marketing campaigns. Collect reviews, engage with customers, promote loyalty programs and automate messages based on triggerable actions to communicate with your clients.
Must Have Prior Consent To Text Customers
We Abide By All TCPA/CTIA/MMA Regulations

Google & Bing Ads

Show up on the very top of google for your preferred keywords. 
Get first place when customers that are searching for YOU!

Social Media Ads

We Are Currently Building This Section

Case Studies

We stand behind our advertising with proven data.
  • Objective

    An auto repair shop was interested in
    running ads to drive more traffic to their website and promote
    their services. They also wanted to generate more phone calls
    for the business.


    After discussing the goals of this campaign we built a Google Ads campaign that’s been running for 1 year. In this period, the campaign drove 383 phone calls and 1,370 clicks.
    Monthly Budget
    Phone Calls
  • Objective

    A vet clinic was interested in running ads to get more clients. 
    They also wanted to promote their special offer
    with free nail trims and 10% off baths.


    Our Digital Ads team built a landing page for the client and ran
    a Google Ads campaign for 1 year. We also tracked phone calls
    and form fills on the landing page. They told us that their phone
    started ringing all the time!
    Monthly Budget
    Phone Calls
    Form Fills
  • Objective

    An optometrist from British Columbia, Canada asked one of our
    partners to run ads to get more clients and phone calls. To drive
    more leads, this client also created a special offer with 15% off
    eye exams.


    Our Digital Ads team built a Google Ads campaign with a landing
    page to target people searching for eye exams and products like
    contact lenses. We also tracked phone calls and form fills on the
    landing page. Over 1 year, the client got 129 calls and 19 form fills.
    Monthly Budget
    Phone Calls
    Phone Calls

Why Customers Love Us

  • Fabulous service! Ray was super helpful and delivered and installed an office computer for us that both met our needs and fit our budget. Fast, professional, and very supportive!


    Pleasant Heights Afterschool Care
    Ray has helped me with my computer systems for nearly 10 years. He is always able to help me with any problem no matter how big or small. Highly recommend for all your computer needs!

    Frank Albus

    Owner ACE Cabinets
    Very nice service. Clearly knows how to build a website and help with many tips on how to operate my website making my life way easier. I got explained how to do changes for prices of items on my webstore and other similar settings making me more independent and faster to do changes optimizing my business time and performance.

    Christian Pare

    Owner XSS Online Ltd.
  • I have know Ray for many years and his knowledge is great in all computer based applications. His response time to help is always very quick and just makes my life much easier.

    Janet Rasmussen

    Ray regularly maintains and upgrades my computer systems and has for many years. His service is superb and I really couldn't do it myself. I highly recommend him and his work.


    Was looking for someone for 8 years to do a logo for me. Found Raymond at monolith solutions and he took my idea and made it reality. He went over and beyond my expectations. Would definitely refer him and would go back in a heart beat.

    Mattimus The First

    Owner Tank Bros Mechanical
  • Amazing service and a go to place for all Computer/ IT Needs. Highly Recommend.

    J J

    I needed hard drive replaced and had heard of ray and monolith through a friend. I contacted him and had a quote for cost and estimate for the time involved within minutes. On the day of the job ray personally came and installed the drive and handled the software in less than 15 minutes, returning later he finished the work with professionalism and a friendly demeanor.

    Scott Mclean

    Excellent customer service and knowledge! I’ve been getting support for years and have never been steered in the wrong direction. I always trust the information and advice!

    Kalie Mosig

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