At Monolith Solutions we make recycling old electronics as easy as 123. If you are an individual or organization that has found yourself accumulating old, seemingly useless electronics and cables give us a call. Even if they are broken it is better to call us so they can be properly disposed of and keep dangerous acids and heavy metals out of land fills. Help do your part, we are just one call away.


We service the entire Calgary and surrounding area and want to make it as easy as possible for you to help do your part in properly disposing of electronic waste. We will come right to your home or business to pick up broken computer parts, tvs monitors, phones, projectors, routers and pretty much anything that has a circuit board in it. For smaller pickups under 6 cubic feet we do not charge the truck fee. Check out our price chart for more information.


When you send your E-Waste to us, you can rest assured it will stay out of landfills. For all electronics that are broken and no longer usable, we send them to an advanced facility, where they are properly reprocessed into the materials they are made out of and then recycled and made into new products. Electronics that are good and still usable are refurbished and then sold or donated to non profit organizations, schools and developing countries. Any devices that could contain left over personal data are rigorously erased using a special erasing algorithm that makes sure none of your data is ever recoverable. All products sold go with our contact information so that when resold electronics are once again no longer needed or broken, they can make their way back to us so they stay out of land fills.

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