Monolith Checksum

Monolith Checksum is a user friendly easy to use file integrity validation for checking MD5, SHA1 & SHA256 file hashes. Using Monolith Checksum you can check the integrity of single or multiple files with ease from a comfortable GUI interface with easy hash compare. This feature will allow you to compare the hash value from the website of the file your downloading, to the actual computed hash value of the file with ease.

- Single File Checking

- Multiple File Checking (Outputs To CSV)

- Easy Hash String Comparison

- MD5 + SHA1 + SHA256 Supported Algorithms

Free to use under the GNU General Public License

Copyright Monolith Solutions 2017

Integrity (.zip)
These Hash Values Are From The Zip File Only
MD5:            83F9B12C973F092965568F2CE5F0FE32
SHA1:           B3E8B1F47C3CC602FFEB03AEAF4359831C2834C7
SHA256:     AA10C67D6359292E9E124AED02D6831DABCB12195B60A9687AED027836047CFD

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