What Is Managed IT?

The term Managed IT Service is a very broad term that encompasses a variety of technologies and services that affect your business. Are you tired of trying to figure out how Managed IT Services can benefit you? At Monolith Solutions we simplify these complex solutions into an easy to manage platform for your convenience.
What is Right For Your Business?

Fix On Demand VS Managed IT

Managed IT Services are the response to the more unpredictable fix on demand model. It is much more reliable for your business to have a service contract that provides regular maintenance and backups for your technology assets, then to wait for things to break down before fixing them. For example a hard drive on your server failing could cause catastrophic data loss, while if you had a managed service plan, there would be backups in place preventing this, or it could even be on the cloud eliminating the possibility of hardware failure all together. At Monolith we want to help you make an informed decision. Give us a call and see what Managed IT Solutions can do to protect our business.

Managed IT Services

· Comprehensive packages include the most for your money
· 24/7 Support and coverage
· Reduce costs of staffing in house IT specialists
· Maximize uptime and take better preventative measures

Fix On Demand Services

· No preventative measures
· Suffer downtime while waiting for it to be fixed
· Billed hourly and can be more expensive in the long run

Types Of Managed IT

Managed IT Services Can Be Broken Down Into The Following Categories

Support Services

24/7 support and Live Help Desk. If something breaks or is not working you are able to talk to one of our live agents to diagnose and resolve the problem.

Infrastructure Services

Your software, hardware and network all have to work together. With strategic designs, we can source new components and eliminate problems before they happen.

Continuity Services

Ensure maximum up time with automated backups, remote monitoring, server mirroring, disaster recovery and prevention with our myriad of continuity services.

Security Services

Mitigate threats to your companies data with a strategic security plan that will ensure industry security standards to protect you and your customers.

Automation Services

Complete repetitive tasks faster with customized automation solutions and protect data assets with automated backups.

Virtualization Services

Reduce electricity costs and increase manageability by combining multiple physical assets into multiple virtual assets running on a single machine.

Cloud Services

Eliminate physical assets all together by hosting your data, voip, desktops and other resources on the cloud.

Communication Services

Unify communications through VOIP and various mobile services, mobile devices and conferencing.

Why Customers Love Us

  • Fabulous service! Ray was super helpful and delivered and installed an office computer for us that both met our needs and fit our budget. Fast, professional, and very supportive!


    Pleasant Heights Afterschool Care
    Ray has helped me with my computer systems for nearly 10 years. He is always able to help me with any problem no matter how big or small. Highly recommend for all your computer needs!

    Frank Albus

    Owner ACE Cabinets
    Very nice service. Clearly knows how to build a website and help with many tips on how to operate my website making my life way easier. I got explained how to do changes for prices of items on my webstore and other similar settings making me more independent and faster to do changes optimizing my business time and performance.

    Christian Pare

    Owner XSS Online Ltd.
  • I have know Ray for many years and his knowledge is great in all computer based applications. His response time to help is always very quick and just makes my life much easier.

    Janet Rasmussen

    Ray regularly maintains and upgrades my computer systems and has for many years. His service is superb and I really couldn't do it myself. I highly recommend him and his work.


    Was looking for someone for 8 years to do a logo for me. Found Raymond at monolith solutions and he took my idea and made it reality. He went over and beyond my expectations. Would definitely refer him and would go back in a heart beat.

    Mattimus The First

    Owner Tank Bros Mechanical
  • Amazing service and a go to place for all Computer/ IT Needs. Highly Recommend.

    J J

    I needed hard drive replaced and had heard of ray and monolith through a friend. I contacted him and had a quote for cost and estimate for the time involved within minutes. On the day of the job ray personally came and installed the drive and handled the software in less than 15 minutes, returning later he finished the work with professionalism and a friendly demeanor.

    Scott Mclean

    Excellent customer service and knowledge! I’ve been getting support for years and have never been steered in the wrong direction. I always trust the information and advice!

    Kalie Mosig

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