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March 4, 2018


Comodo Logo Comodo Internet Security Suite

This is the best program we've found available to date that combines a complete solution for antivirus and firewall. The program is 100% free though if it does detect a threat it will solicit you to contact a professional and pay the company to help remove it. This is not necessary though because the program will quarantine and remove any threat automatically by itself.
Notable Features:

- Antivirus

- Firewall

- Schedual Scans

- Set internet zones

- Add custom rules

- Real time protection monitoring

- Optional secure DNS

The one downside is it comes with some programs that you may wish to uninstall, like it's own browser and a few additional security programs.

Download Direct Here

Handle CD images and DVD images with ease. Ultra ISO

This is a little known about software that is very light weight can can manage all your software burning needs.
Notable Features:

- Create and burn images from any type of media even your own HD in convenient formats like ISO, BIN, MDF, NRG

- Mount to virtual drive

- Burn/create bootable from USB

NOTE: This application is free for some features but costs about $30 for full features

Any Video Converter AVC Any Video Converter Free

This video converter at the moment is totally free and supports an impressive arsenal of features for a free program.
Notable features:

- Convert multiple videos with queing

- 100+ Inputs and 160+ outputs lossless accelerated quality encoding



Image result for music bee

Music BEE
Music Bee is an amazing program that is similar to Itunes only much much better. When you load your library with music bee, it will automatically help you organize and rename all your music files based on the Music Brainz Picard database which has never made having an organized perfectly named music library easier.

Notable Features:

- Automatically scan and rename artist, title, genre, release date, album etc from the music brains picard database

- Automatically syncs and looks up lyrics from songs, it will show up right in the program

- When you rename metadata from your songs, it actually writes the data to the file instead of just keeping it in the programs database

- Add podcasts, auto DJ, create custom playlists and more

- Shows you up and coming releases and concerts in your area based on the artists in your album (AMAZING FEATURE!)


VideoLAN association
VLMC icon
VLC Media Player
Hands down the number 1 media player in existance. For years this free project has enabled people to do away with pesky or difficult file types. This program will play any media imaginable. Even very obscure types like SWF and flash.

Notable Features:

- Plays anything!

- Very light weight application takes about 50mb


Image result for aomei AOMEI Backupper & AOMEI Partitioner

This free software is great for individuals needing to backup and copy hard drives.
Notable Features:

- Clone & Backup hard drives

- Backup & restore conveniently from a single file

- Create a bootable disc for backups and restores Windows PE or UNIX

- Myriad of partitioning features


Axantum Software AB Logotype AxCrypt By Axantum

This is an excellent program that we have watched grow over the years. Axcrypt 2.0+ is now mostly paid as the project has grown substantially. But for basic and personal use you can still obtain a very functional legacy version at the link provided below. Note you may still need to register an account to do this.
Notable Features:

  • Double-click to edit/view with any application.
  • Automatic re-encryption after modification.
  • Absolutely no user configuration necessary or possible before use.
  • Open source under GNU General Public License.
  • 12 languages in one executable distribution.
  • Extensive command-line interface for scripting and programming.


Gimp is the most diverse free open source graphics design program. It is very powerful and has an excellent documentation. If you google how to do something on gimp, there will surely be a way and a tutorial to walk you through it. We use GIMP for all of our graphics design and artwork that you see on this website and our portfolios.

Notable Features:

- To many to list see website

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